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BCP, the Field Marketing Professionals

BCP, the Field Marketing Professionals

BCP Field Marketing is a British field marketing agency, it is a privately owned business, BCP have repeatedly delivered an imaginative and results-driven solutions to the technology sector since 1975 to 2006 throughout the UK and Ireland. BCP is a full service agency and our services are now available throughout Vietnam. We had a proven track record in the supply of field marketing services including merchandising, product demonstration, mystery shopping, training, events and compliance auditing as well as longer term strategic teams. Within crowded categories, BCP understand the challenges facing our brands to add value and increase market share. Through understanding our brands, their resellers and their target audience, BCP enhances the consumer journey and our brands' profitability.

Mission statement

BCP’s key mission is to help clients increase sales and maximize their ROI. By providing a dedicated professional team of marketing professionals we are able to improve the clients brand visibility, assist in maintaining stock, and provide the necessary tools for training within our coverage. All these elements result in a successful delivery of Field Marketing solutions.


BCP dedicated to delivering unrivalled results!

At BCP We Don’t Promise, We Deliver!