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Meet The Team

Lan Coles

Position: Managing Director

10 years Client Services Director for BCP Field Marketing UK.
Project management for Clients included United Biscuits, Vimto, Bezier, GSK, Pfizer, Dairy Crest across all channels and new business development.


Brian Coles

Position: Consultant

5 years Marketing Director for ITV Central Television UK

30 years Managing Director and Founder for BCL & BCP Field Marketing UK


Darren Siow

Position: Senior Project Consultant

Mr Darren Siow was educated in Singapore, and obtained a bachelors’ degree in Finance and Accounting in the University of Melbourne. His main work background is in the exhibition industry, and has been involved heavily in the marketing, planning and promotion of major large-scale trade and consumer exhibitions in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the region. Darren believes that with the right attitude and creative mind, there is an endless potential for improving product recognition and demand.

Darren currently works as senior project consultant for BCP, and provides the team with the overall direction and advises on the creative process for all of BCP’s major projects.

Khai Le

Position:  Business Development Director

7 years working experience in marketing area. Project management for Clients included Nuskin Vietnam, Colgate Palmolive, Citibank, FES Vietnam, Hong Phu Food, Abbott.. .