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If your retailers talk about your product or service confidently and can take the customer through the sales journey with skill especially within crowded categories, it is more likely to lead to a purchase.

We provide custom design and delivery services, including training needs analysis, course stylisation as well as train the trainer sessions. BCP had for many clients designed a full training strategy, authored content and delivered training solutions using BCP trainers in either large or small groups around the UK and Ireland and we are committed to do so in Vietnam! All our trainers recognise the need to empower retailers to increase sales and profitability which is monitored through pre and post activity surveys and mystery shopping. BCP training solutions incorporate the latest training techniques and new developments to ensure sessions are both effective and memorable. In the first instance we will clarify your requirements and agree objectives. We will deliver dynamic and practical training using memorable exercises to help increase knowledge retention and sales technique. We can also demonstrate return on investment through excellent client feedback and sales uplift.