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IDEA programme


  • To maintain call coverage on a live database of Independent Retailers Nationally every 4 weeks.
  • To enable client contact at regular intervals and guarantee distribution, retention and loyalty.

IDEA covered has now been maintained seamlessly since 1996

BCP believes when you have a good idea it is important to share it. In Vietnam our idea has now been shared with Vị Hảo and San Miguel Hormel, so what is our idea?

Independent Distribution and Evaluation Audit” is the IDEA!

 4 weekly visit to a data base of independent stores, this programme allow you to carry out a variety of activity on a SHARE or SOLUS basis.

What short of activity can you carry out?

  • Check distribution and plug gap by direct sales
  • Reward for retention of distribution
  • Place point of sales material
  • Advance announcement for future promotional deals

These are just some examples of activity available. To share our IDEA allow us to present to you.

Our IDEA Programme offer 4 weekly visit cost effectively. Our first journey commencing 16th April 2014.

Looking forward to receiving your response so that you can join our existing clients.

Kind Regards!